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STNAs Are Our Backbone

July 5, 2023
Admiral's Pointe recognized our STNAs this month with a week-long celebration of food, activities and fun. They are the hardest-working individuals with hearts of gold and smiles that heal. STNAs are the backbone of every facility. They have a thankless job, so please take time to thank them whether you are another employee, visitor or a family member. To all of our STNAs, we appreciate everything you do and could not do it without you! Happy STNA Week!

STNA... "The Calling"

Do you sometimes wonder?

Why you do the job you do?
Did you choose your career?
Or did the job choose you?

Way back before you were born.
God knew there was a need.
So He picked your fertile heart.
And planted a caring seed.

Then He waited and He watched.
Knowing before too long.
The desire in you to help others.
Would continue to grow strong.

He guided you throughout life.
Through the courses that you took.
Because you were a chosen one.
You are written in his book.

The caring heart He put in you.
As you put others first.
Leaving only one path to take.
In you there was a thirst.

Not seeking fame or fortune.
Born with a tender touch.
You are who you're meant to be.
That's why you care so much!

If you are interested in making a difference in our community, click the 'Careers' button below to learn more about our STNA openings!


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STNAs Are Our Backbone
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